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Speaking at Different Events Around the World

“B! How is it like speaking at different events across the globe?”

My business partner asked me.

“It’s always a joy!”

I replied.

Though the audience may be different in terms of culture and background, they all have three common desires:

Desire to Learn: In one engagement, some in the audience travelled 8 hours over bumpy road conditions to learn. In another, 80% of the audience didn’t understand English but they patiently listened to the translator and learnt happily.

Desire to Better Their Lives: Many of them want to improve their lives in some way, shape, or form and they do so by learning from me and learning from others who have experienced the success they want.

Desire to Make a Positive Impact: Almost every one of them want to make a positive impact on their organizations or their communities.

Besides, speaking to audiences from different cultures provided me with learning opportunities.

In one workshop in Hangzhou, I even got to practice my Chinese!

What’s your experience speaking around the world?

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

It is certainly true in Helen Keller’s times. It is truer in our times.

With the wonder of technologies, individuals as freelancers or solopreneurs can achieve what used to be done by a group of people.

That said, working alone is never something I strive to do, which is why I’ve also seek out collaboration with others.

•  Business beyond profits: Starting Dream Catalyst has rewarded me not only financially but also about making a positive impact in the world.

•  Clients as partners: Looking at clients this way has given me the opportunity to see this client grow during their 10-year period.

•  Working with others: Collaborating with others isn’t just about achieving more; but it’s about creating synergistic value for our clients.

•  Energy for energy: Collaboration goes beyond just working together.

•  Neighbours to Collaborators: Moving to Sentosa has allowed me to meet and now the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful people in the neighbourhood.

•  Jazz and Collaboration: From a chanced meeting to connecting and conversing to collaborating with a Jazz singer!

•  Showcasing Others: Another one of my favorite thing to do, showcasing a client who help a very special group of customers, parents!

•  Helping Others Collaborate: A post of mine resonated with many because it was helping others connect and seek out collaborations.

What kind of collaboration are you looking for?

A successful business rarely succeed alone. It has a network of collaborating partners, from suppliers, customers, community, and beyond.

Clients that have a culture of collaboration are also more likely to succeed than those that venture solely on their own. And in the words of Helen Keller, we cannot not collaborate in our times.

Let’s find out how we can collaborate to help your business define the right culture, establish optimal systems, and achieve revenue growth.

Leaders Learn. And Learning Helps Us Lead Better.

Learning has been an activity I pursue relentlessly ever since I started my own business. It has proved to serve me well not only in business, but also being recognised as a Mentor of Future Talents.

I firmly believe in keeping my mind sharp as I guide business leaders and clients in creating the business culture that lead their companies to greatness.

The last 8 months, I have not only learned, but also shared consistently on LinkedIn to value create for my network.

Here are a recap of the three categories of topics on learning.

1. Everyone of us learn differently. In these three posts, I share how I learn.

·      Sharpen the Saw: As a SkillsFuture Fellowship Awardee, I lead by example through lifelong learning.

·      Learning: Beyond just reading books.

·      Mentors: Getting a mentor is probably the best investment for me.

2. Here are my three key learnings from sharing more consistently on LinkedIn.

·      Learning #1: It’s not about you; focus on the audience instead.

·      Learning #2: You do not need inspiration to post often. You need more than inspiration.

·      Learning #3: No work, even if it’s something you’re passionate about is 100% fun.

3. Learning through experience is probably the most valuable.

·      Misunderstood: I learned there is no need to be understood all the time.

·      Think differently: How you can learn to change your perspectives.

·      Magical words: How this company learned these magical words to transform their culture.

How has learning helped transformed the way you lead your organisation?

The first step in transforming the culture of your business is by learning. Learning must go beyond reading, which is largely at the cognitive level. It also involves training which can help change the way your team perform. Even more effective would be to provide coaching or mentoring because this is where it helps in supporting contributory behaviours.

We can further reinforce your team’s learning through our consultancy on Systems and Processes. Contact us to find out more.

Mentors of future talent

I recalled when I first started my own business.

I was wet behind the ears.

I was to make mistakes that many others starting out did.

I was to be discouraged by the numerous setbacks.

I was to give up because of all the disappointments.

But I was lucky.

I had someone there for me when I:
❌ made those mistakes,
⬅ suffer those setbacks, and
😫 encounter those disappointments.

On hindsight, getting a mentor is probably the best investment for me.

Now, I choose to invest time and resources mentoring budding entrepreneurs.

To give them encouragement, support, and inspiration to dream big and fly high.

Have you benefited from being mentored?

Rice for Hope

I’m lucky.

When I went through a crisis of my own.

👐 I had my network of support
🌈 I was able to see the opportunities
🌞 I managed to rise above it all

But not everyone is that fortunate.

Which is why I’ve always reminded myself to be kind.

Because everyone is fighting their own battles.

I did not become a customer

I became a fan. 🤩

Sales people can learn a thing or two from her.

She showed me the products in the store at Bynd Artisan.  

She shared with me some recommended options.

When I mentioned I’d like to take photo of her for my post, she asked:

“Is the company’s logo visible? Because that would help to publicize the company.”

Grace isn’t the owner.

She isn’t just a sales person.

She is an ambassador.

Her enthusiasm and pride in her work certainly contributes to a progress business culture.


They open up our minds.

I love learning.

Learning from books
Learning from my past experiences
Learning from others.

Learning is just one part.

The other part is to share what I’ve learned.

Because I believe sharing enhances lives.

As such, I am delighted to be an invited speaker at Her Story’s upcoming event.

Join me and my fellow speakers for an evening of Inspirational Talks & Music Evening

Date: 12 Oct (Sat)
Time: 7-9 pm
Venue: Miss Chinatown



I was in Macau this week.

With a team of dynamic individuals from Living Theories.

Each of us has our areas of:

Together everyone achieve more.

Together we create synergistic value for our client.

Together we also bring joy into each other’s life.


Today, we celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.

I facilitated a leadership training session and am conducting a talk for a group of HR practitioners this evening.

In between the engagements, I chose to invest time with:

🔹 Grandma for breakfast
🔹 Parents for tea

It’s easy to get caught up.

It’s my choice to make time for family.

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