“B! How is it like speaking at different events across the globe?”

My business partner asked me.

“It’s always a joy!”

I replied.

Though the audience may be different in terms of culture and background, they all have three common desires:

Desire to Learn: In one engagement, some in the audience travelled 8 hours over bumpy road conditions to learn. In another, 80% of the audience didn’t understand English but they patiently listened to the translator and learnt happily.

Desire to Better Their Lives: Many of them want to improve their lives in some way, shape, or form and they do so by learning from me and learning from others who have experienced the success they want.

Desire to Make a Positive Impact: Almost every one of them want to make a positive impact on their organizations or their communities.

Besides, speaking to audiences from different cultures provided me with learning opportunities.

In one workshop in Hangzhou, I even got to practice my Chinese!

What’s your experience speaking around the world?