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Positive Customer Experience

I did not become a customer

I became a fan. đŸ€©

Sales people can learn a thing or two from her.

She showed me the products in the store at Bynd Artisan.  

She shared with me some recommended options.

When I mentioned I’d like to take photo of her for my post, she asked:

“Is the company’s logo visible? Because that would help to publicize the company.”

Grace isn’t the owner.

She isn’t just a sales person.

She is an ambassador.

Her enthusiasm and pride in her work certainly contributes to a progress business culture.

Only Complaints

We, as Singaporeans, are known to complain.

I recently left a review on Facebook about a cafe.

Upon my return visit, I asked the supervisor if the management gave him the feedback.

To that, he replied: “only feedback complaints; not compliments.”

When I showed him the post, where I share my compliments about him on the cafe’s Facebook Page, his face lit up!

As a manager, do you only share complaints or do you highlight compliments too?

By sharing compliments, we affirm the great work of our people.

Because that works wonders for staff morale and engagement too!

What’s a Brand?

It is a promise to deliver.

And deliver they did.

citizenM hotels at Schiphol Airport was a great delight.

Being known for its affordable luxury:

🚿 rain shower for washing away jet lag
🛏 XL king size, super comfy bed
🌐 free Wi-Fi for catching up with family & friends

That’s why I’ve decided to come back for a second time.

Having the right amenities are only one part of the equation.

Having your staff complete the delightful experience is the other.

Thank you citizen for pampering me. 😍

Footwear and technology

You usually don’t use both terms in the same sentence.

The good people at Reef showed us otherwise.

They understand the user experience by going deep into their demographics, psychographics, preferences, and interests.

What came out of it is TQT: Thirst Quenching Technology.

“There’s no need to get up to open that ice cold beverage when you wear Reef Footwear with T.Q.T. So sit back, relax and quench that thirst.”

How often do we learn from our users, customers, clients so we can create a better experience, a better product, a better service?

Tale of Two Staff

We were at a department store recently and saw a T-Shirt that we like. We couldn’t find the right size on the rack and looked around for a sales assistant. No one in sight. So I approached the cashier.

“Hi miss, could you direct me to where I could find your colleague to look for a t-shirt size?”

“All the sizes are out on display”.

We checked the mannequin and the t-shirt was the right size. We finally found a sales assistant. He said he will check in the store room for the size first.

There was a size available.

For the cashier, it was the easy way out.

For the department store, it was a lost sale that was recovered by the customers’ determination and the service attitude of the second staff.

Insights gleaned:

đŸ”č All employees need to understand the impact that their actions have on the business. Their care-less attitude affects the profitability of the business which determines the status of their employment.

đŸ”č All employers need to consistently coach their employees on business building/ service and to recognize/ reward those who perform.

đŸ”č Refresher trainings and coaching is important as complacency and a jaded attitude may set in for long time employees. Advice from the supervisor when we chatted with him to compliment the second staff.

Awesome Lifelong Learners

It’s a wrap! Thank you Lifelong Learning Institute for the opportunity to partner you for this year’s #lifelonglearningfestival2017. Thank you Learn SG for supporting our Growth Series of 8 different sessions for personal development and professional growth.

As a consultant and learning facilitator, it gives me awesome joy when others embrace learning. There’s lots of other things one could be doing after a working day. Yet the participants made time to learn and some of them have been consistently attending all the sessions in the series.

Facilitating 8 evening sessions within 4 weeks was at times a stretch for us because some workdays started at 5am. Yet when evening time arrives, the #smiles and #enthusiasm of the participants energises us!

Participants also took the time to write us emails to share their thoughts on the sessions. These made our day as their sharing helps us to continuously value create in what we do. Here are some insights received:

  • On behalf of my friends whom I asked to join me in these workshops, I would like to thank you & your team of various speakers/facilitators/co-ordinators/cameraman, for all your efforts in making the workshops possible.  You and your team have truly been amazing! I must say that throughout my career with various MNCs, I have been sent to various corporate trainings both abroad and here locally, and none, I must say, can surpass the way your workshop is conducted.  There was never a moment I felt bored in class!  You truly have outshined all other Speakers/Facilitators that I know!
  • Appreciate all you efforts in making these events a successful and fulfilling ones. Your events are the most beneficial and wow to me..short but useful. Thank you very much.
  • You leave a very good impression on us with your welcoming big smiles at the entrance and throughout the classes. It’s not easy especially after a long day work. So thank you for this.  =) I have been very blessed by the teaching & sharing of Bernadette’s knowledge,
    Hopefully we will have opportunity to meet again or work together in future soon. She remind me of “Oprah” somehow.

Thank you to our 5 co-faciliators who are experts in their respective fields Phoon Kok Hwa, Michelle Ow, Terence Chiew, Lyn Wong and Yeo Xi-Wei, #awesometeam who supported tirelessly the administrative & logistical requirements Yvonne Chua, Jasmine Chang and and TS.

And of course, thank you to the 8 groups of #awesomelearners who participated actively and shared joyfully with each other. Collective #wisdom, #synergy and #lifelonglearning rocks! Much love!


Are Your Employees Your Fans and Ambassadors?

Ms Grace Chai, Bynd Artisan Holland Village


I would like to relate an experience I just had as a customer. 

Ms Grace Chai from Bynd Artisan is one employee every business owner wants to have on their teams.

I had time today and called the Holland Village outlet. Grace patiently answered my queries regarding a product that I intend to buy. So off I went to the store. She warmly showed me the products and recommended options. Then as a craft artist, she skillfully and patiently added the foil stamping onto the cover I purchased.

Grace wasn’t a pushy sales person. Instead she just patiently shared about their products. Above all, she was certainly a brand ambassador. When I mentioned I would like to take a photo of her for my post, she asked me if her company’s logo can be seen so she can publicize the company. How wonderful is that?

So love the products and service, I ended up purchasing a wallet and cap from #gentlebones x #byndartisan capsule collection.

Sales people can learn a thing or two from her.

Not only did I became a customer, I became a fan. I uploaded photos onto my social media platforms, featured Grace on my Positivity at Work FB page and certainly will be sharing with others about Bynd Artisan.

Business leaders can think about how to create a culture where their teams are proud to be a brand ambassador. Grace is her company’s fan and brand ambassador. Her enthusiasm about her company and her pride in her work in turn is highly persuasive and happily contagious.

For some insights on how to build a progress business culture, do listen to a recent podcast interview we did: SHRI Power Profile Series

We are 7!



I love birthdays and I love the number 7. So today calls for much laughter and joy as Dream Catalyst celebrates our 7th birthday!

As I reflect on this special day, this quote by Charles Bukowski comes to mind. “The Free Soul is rare but you know it when you see it basically because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.” 

When I first came across this quote, my thought was “what if we create more opportunities for souls to be a free soul?” Then surely, we will amplify the magnitude of goodness felt. So that the free soul is no longer rare, but exists in abundance.

I am glad that starting Dream Catalyst provided me with opportunities to do exactly that. To create a better world for all by helping businesses, teams and individuals to build a positive work culture. In so doing, may we continue to be amplifiers of goodness.

Thank you for being a part of our awesome journey!




Please Reply to Your Customers


The client is the foundation of any new and repeated business’ success.

As a consultant and trainer who provides consultancy and training solutions for companies on building positive client experiences as one of our business growth recommendations, I am naturally more aware and attune to the service standards I receive in my daily living.

Because I interact often with service teams, I understand the difficulties and challenges faced by them. As such, I strive to be a good client.

thank-youWhen I experience positive customer experience, I will (1) thank the staff and share my experience with them and (2) make the effort to write in to the management to commend the staff.

And I would like to encourage you to do likewise. We are often quick to complain but truly slow to praise. It can make a difference to that employee who made the effort to provide excellent service. On one occasion, after I wrote in to commend a manager and her team, the business owner gave the whole team an increment in salary. I learnt this when I bumped into that manager and she joyfully related the story. It took me just 20 minutes to craft the email, the outcome (unexpected) was absolutely worth it!


In this quiet economy where customers have myriad of choices and are tightening their belts, it pays to pay attention to your customers.

What puzzles me is the companies who do not even bother replying to the commendation emails that I sent. The email address and the intended recipient (either business owner, manager or customer service feedback) will be accurate as I would have checked that with the service staff.

If your customer has made the effort to write in to commend your staff, this is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship and create brand loyalty. It is also an excellent opportunity to recognise your staff member and strengthen employee engagement.

The following is an example of a reply that I recently received.

Dear Bernadette,

Thank you for shopping at Takashimaya and your kind compliment towards our promoter, Ms Liyi, who attended to you on 25 September 2016. We are very glad to learn of your wow experience shopping with us.

We had since, conveyed your appreciation to Ms Liyi and had also share to the Department of your compliment toward her during our morning briefing.

Thank you again for shopping at Takashimaya and we look forward to serving you again soon.

Thank you and regards,
Eugene Chin
Sports Department
Takashimaya Singapore Ltd


It felt great when I read the email as I am glad to know that Ms Liyi’s effort was recognised. It is excellent how it was shared with the department as this would be a refresher reminder to the team on providing positive customer experience.

What’s telling is that it also demonstrates the importance that Takashimaya places on customer experience. I was told to write in on the general feedback form found on Takashimaya website. My email was then passed onto the relevant department.

As a customer of Takashimaya, this reply reinforced the positive feelings I have of shopping there. It increases the likelihood of me repeating my experience and recommending the place to others.

In this quiet economy where customers have myriad of choices and are tightening their belts, it pays to pay attention to your customers.

When your customers do write in, please reply toshopping them.

If it is a compliment, you will strengthen the existing relationship. If it is a complaint, you have been given a chance to turn your upset customer into a fan. Either way, it is an opportunity to create a positive moment of truth. Seize it.

For ways to design a positive and engaging customer customer experience, contact us to find out more.




One Critical Mistake Many Business Owners Make



After spending huge amount of time and money on business plan, branding, hiring, set up, marketing, sales and all that is necessary, a company is ready to rock and roll. Let the big bucks roll in.

But often, there’s one critical mistake that many businesses make. They forget about the customers.

They forget about designing a positive customer experience, to provide wow moments of truth. They forget about ensuring that their teams are positive ambassadors for the brand.

No customers = No business

Bad customer experience = giving the customer to others

Long gone are the days when one single company will continue to have a monopoly on services or products. Customers have choice. And when there’s choice, then every single customer interaction is a precious opportunity to create a fan for your business.

Example 1, imagine spending money on digital marketing to create leads. When someone finally calls your company with an enquiry, what would be his or her first impression of your company?  Tip: make a call to your own hotline to assess the customer experience.

Example 2, think of your recent experience at a retail or F&B outlet. What was the experience like? It blows my mind that business owners would invest in $$$$$$$$$ to open shop but can totally forget about the ingredients for creating positive customer experience. Nice looking shop with lousy food/ products and/or surly staff = another new shop taking over the place in time.  Tip: conducting well-designed mystery customer/ shopper audits is a powerful way to affirm or wake up your team.

All successful entrepreneurs will share that placing customers at the core of their business strategy is what makes them successful. happy customer

What about you?

If you are your brand’s customer, would you be a fan?




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