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From “hiring anyone with hands and legs”

To “becoming the ‘Ivy League’ in their sector”.

It involves more than just branding and training.

It is with this change in mindset that the client was able to:

💼 transform their hiring practices
💪 hire people who give their best
📈 have their hiring practices support their exponential growth

That said, it wasn’t easy to convince them in the beginning.

Through our Pulse Conversation, they get to hear feedback from the ground up.

Through our series of workshops, that’s when we translate vision into reality.

This is how I work with clients to help them make sustainable changes through transforming their business culture.

👉 If I can help you with your business culture,
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Want to assemble a dream team?

This isn’t a HR post.

It’s about how your business can attract the best possible team by designing the desired culture.

First, what’s a work culture?

Define: Work culture refers to the beliefs, thought processes, attitudes of the employees, ideologies, and principles of the organisation.

Who sets the work culture?

Fact: For most of my clients, it’s the management that sets the tone for the culture.

How has it changed over the years?

⬅ Past: Good employees stay on in spite of culture, for the sake of their livelihood.

🕰 Now: If a company does not keep up with the increasingly loud call for a positive work culture, then attracting the dream team would be difficult.

Remember “A positive work culture will lead to significant benefits for employers, employees, customers, as well as your bottom line.”

Intentional and Integrative

This afternoon was the perfect way to end the week.

Sharing with a group of human resources representatives from the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

That culture building isn’t expensive.

But if done wrongly will be very expensive.

What are your thoughts about the cost of culture building in your organization?

A Great Culture Makes All the Difference

Great business leaders know.

A great culture makes all the difference.

Today, I have the honour to witness a client (Feng Ming Construction) hold a Workers Appreciation for its site employees.

Recognizing the sacrifices migrant workers made to be here, the company gifted each worker with something many of us take for granted.

A data card.

That way, they can stay in touch with their families back home.

In addition, we have conducted our signature Pulse Conversations with selected staff to hear from their perspective.

Their inputs will add value to the company’s forward planning exercise.

Question: What is one way you will like to be appreciated for your contribution at work?


Tale of Two Staff

We were at a department store recently and saw a T-Shirt that we like. We couldn’t find the right size on the rack and looked around for a sales assistant. No one in sight. So I approached the cashier.

“Hi miss, could you direct me to where I could find your colleague to look for a t-shirt size?”

“All the sizes are out on display”.

We checked the mannequin and the t-shirt was the right size. We finally found a sales assistant. He said he will check in the store room for the size first.

There was a size available.

For the cashier, it was the easy way out.

For the department store, it was a lost sale that was recovered by the customers’ determination and the service attitude of the second staff.

Insights gleaned:

🔹 All employees need to understand the impact that their actions have on the business. Their care-less attitude affects the profitability of the business which determines the status of their employment.

🔹 All employers need to consistently coach their employees on business building/ service and to recognize/ reward those who perform.

🔹 Refresher trainings and coaching is important as complacency and a jaded attitude may set in for long time employees. Advice from the supervisor when we chatted with him to compliment the second staff.

Radio Interview on 938Now

Glad to be back on The Breakfast Club with Keith De Souza. This time, we chatted about enthusiasm and other mindsets as key success factors at work.


Team Agility for Success


Back at MediaCorp, this time to facilitate a talk on Team Agility for Success.

Am not a fan of boring lecture style talks so we design talks that are facilitative with lots of interactive opportunities. Because talks can be meaningful conversation pieces to effect change.

During the one and half hours session, colleagues from different departments of MediaCorp interacted with each other and experienced team agility in process. Ideas and insights were shared, harnessing the power of collective wisdom.

That’s lunch time well spent indeed.



If you are looking for interactive talks for your organisation, drop us a note at enquiries@thedreamcatalyst.com for a chat.