“No one or thing can intimidate you. Only you can.”

My mentor once said.

With that, I went from:

Being reluctant to apply because the criteria for the award intimated me,


Embracing growth mindset and applied for it anyway.

The result:

An awardee of the 2018 SkillsFuture Fellowship.

This award is presented by the President of Singapore which honors individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent.

This afternoon, I am privileged to be an invited guest for the 2019 SkillsFuture SG Fellowships and Employers Award.

I would not be here if not for the wise words of my mentor.

Three things I learnt from winning the award:

☀ Ask “why not?” whenever we feel intimidated
☀ Be audacious and yet patient. Courage allows you to dream bigger while having patience enables you to forge ahead.
☀ Ignore the naysayers. Seek those who motivates you with encouragement and practical suggestions

What are you intimated by?

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