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Mentors of future talent

I recalled when I first started my own business.

I was wet behind the ears.

I was to make mistakes that many others starting out did.

I was to be discouraged by the numerous setbacks.

I was to give up because of all the disappointments.

But I was lucky.

I had someone there for me when I:
❌ made those mistakes,
⬅ suffer those setbacks, and
😫 encounter those disappointments.

On hindsight, getting a mentor is probably the best investment for me.

Now, I choose to invest time and resources mentoring budding entrepreneurs.

To give them encouragement, support, and inspiration to dream big and fly high.

Have you benefited from being mentored?

No One or Thing Can Intimidate You

“No one or thing can intimidate you. Only you can.”

My mentor once said.

With that, I went from:

Being reluctant to apply because the criteria for the award intimated me,


Embracing growth mindset and applied for it anyway.

The result:

An awardee of the 2018 SkillsFuture Fellowship.

This award is presented by the President of Singapore which honors individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent.

This afternoon, I am privileged to be an invited guest for the 2019 SkillsFuture SG Fellowships and Employers Award.

I would not be here if not for the wise words of my mentor.

Three things I learnt from winning the award:

☀ Ask “why not?” whenever we feel intimidated
☀ Be audacious and yet patient. Courage allows you to dream bigger while having patience enables you to forge ahead.
☀ Ignore the naysayers. Seek those who motivates you with encouragement and practical suggestions

What are you intimated by?

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