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They open up our minds.

I love learning.

Learning from books
Learning from my past experiences
Learning from others.

Learning is just one part.

The other part is to share what I’ve learned.

Because I believe sharing enhances lives.

As such, I am delighted to be an invited speaker at Her Story’s upcoming event.

Join me and my fellow speakers for an evening of Inspirational Talks & Music Evening

Date: 12 Oct (Sat)
Time: 7-9 pm
Venue: Miss Chinatown



Want to assemble a dream team?

This isn’t a HR post.

It’s about how your business can attract the best possible team by designing the desired culture.

First, what’s a work culture?

Define: Work culture refers to the beliefs, thought processes, attitudes of the employees, ideologies, and principles of the organisation.

Who sets the work culture?

Fact: For most of my clients, it’s the management that sets the tone for the culture.

How has it changed over the years?

⬅ Past: Good employees stay on in spite of culture, for the sake of their livelihood.

🕰 Now: If a company does not keep up with the increasingly loud call for a positive work culture, then attracting the dream team would be difficult.

Remember “A positive work culture will lead to significant benefits for employers, employees, customers, as well as your bottom line.”

I was in Macau this week.

With a team of dynamic individuals from Living Theories.

Each of us has our areas of:

Together everyone achieve more.

Together we create synergistic value for our client.

Together we also bring joy into each other’s life.


Today, we celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.

I facilitated a leadership training session and am conducting a talk for a group of HR practitioners this evening.

In between the engagements, I chose to invest time with:

🔹 Grandma for breakfast
🔹 Parents for tea

It’s easy to get caught up.

It’s my choice to make time for family.


Ever since I moved to Sentosa,

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with wonderful people from all walks of life.

In addition to social events, I also had the opportunity to meet with other business owners from SBNG.

What’s SBNG?

It stands for Sentosa Business Networking Group.

It’s always nice to have business owners come together to connect and collaborate.

In person.

200 scientific studies on 275,000 people.

It’s been shown.

Happy workers have:

📈 Higher levels of productivity
💰 Produced higher sales
👍 Performed better at leadership positions
🤒 Taken less sick days
😊 Less tendency to quit

Having the right initiatives to build a happier workplace isn’t only smart.

It’s also great for business growth in the long run.

A coaching client was let go

The company then decided.

To give him another opportunity.

But he would have to accept a lower position.

Sure, it wasn’t easy for him to go back to an environment where he used to hold a higher position.

But he was determined to succeed at this second opportunity.

When his bosses recognised his determination, they were willing to invest in coaching sessions for his professional development.

Now, he’ been promoted and doing well.

All because he embraced a growth mindset by:

👍 Handing feedback positively
👈 Understanding the past doesn’t determine the future
✌ Turning a crisis into an opportunity




The reality is no work, even if it’s work you are passionate about, is 100% fun or engaging all the time.

This is where discipline becomes a critical factor for success.

Because the ones that are able to muster discipline to create value,

in spite of how we feel are the ones that are more likely to succeed.

To quote Chuck Close:

“Inspiration Is for Amateurs—The Rest of Us Just Show Up and Get to Work”

Size Doesnt Matter

A client enthusiastically said this:

“Smart companies invest in consultancy.

I’ve experienced first-hand results from the strategic interventions and neutrality of consultants!

Good consultants, that is!”

That’s right.

The size of your company doesn’t matter.

Even as a boutique consulting firm, I too have engaged specialists in their respective fields.


👀 their perspectives add to my world-view
🧠 their insights challenge my mindset
📈 their inputs helped scale my business

In today’s context, you can’t possibly know-it-all.

By working with specialists, you can grow your business faster than you can do it alone.

Is there a particular industry you focus on?

“Is there a particular industry you focus on?”↘️

My reply.

“Any business that have people is where we can create value!”

As a result, I am honored to work with clients who value their people.

Today, I’m showcasing one of my clients, the team at Mothercare.

They help their customers, the ones who are going through a

🤩 wonderful
😟 frustrating
🤪 hilarious
😑 serious,
😫 exhausting
🤗 rewarding

process called parenting.

How wonderful is that!

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