Future Education – An International Conversation, a closed door event organised by SMU Wee Kim Wee Centre. It has been an exhilarating two days and privilege to be included as part of the group invited for this conversation.

The 20+ participants came from different parts of the world with varied experiences and backgrounds. We have strong views and dreams of the future of education. It is a topic that resonates with me!


Prior to starting Dream Catalyst, my time was spent mostly in some form of educating and mentoring. Working with youth and parents, and then moving on to the corporate sector as a training consultant.

On reflection, even when I was an events management executive and advertising and promotions executive, what gave me the greatest joy was personal development and helping others to do likewise.

The love of learning and learning how to learn changed my life, and also saved my life. When life was in a dark phase, learning equipped me with the tools and strategies to manage my emotions, shift my mindset and take critical action steps for positive change to happen.

Tobring-forth-the-beauty-that-is-withinday, as Dream Catalyst, I have the joy of continuing to make a difference by journeying with businesses, teams and individuals to create a positive work culture. This happens when they embark on a journey to learn, relearn and embrace what’s learnt.

As I engaged in the conversations and soaked in the presence of collective wisdom gathered in the room, my heart sang in a joyous tune.

By desiring to bring forth the beauty that is within, we shine our brightest with harmony and peace.  And that’s what I believe in, embrace fully and seek to achieve each day. 


I thought it was apt and poignant that the event ended with us being invited for the 2nd Annual Ikeda Peace and Harmony Lecture: Re-thinking ASEAN, the problems and prospects for regional peace. The speaker Dr Leticia Ramos Shahani spoke on the future of our ASEAN community.