Life is what you make it out to be.
Life is what you create it to be.
Life is looking out for and seizing the opportunities that come your way.
Life is persevering when it gets tough or challenging.
Life is going with and enjoying flow.

After her retrenchment 11 years ago, my mum devoted her time to her family and volunteer work. Yet there are so many hours in a day that I often felt that it must be “boring’ for her. Then two years ago, she signed up for training course at the Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) and soon found herself working for Universal Studios Singapore¬†as an attraction host at the Return of the Mummy ride. It was not an easy journey returning to the workforce and I often tell her to work only if she enjoys it. She persevered.

On Sunday, I was chilling out with her at my grandma’s place and I started to read the Sunday Times. When I came to the Lifestyle page 6, I had a surprise. My mum is in it!

She had been interviewed as one of three persons who have carved out a second career late in life. The interview took place several weeks ago but she kept quiet about it to surprise us. I am so proud of her that I msged my dear friends to share about it.

She persevered in her training and give her best in her job. She may be the oldest in her team yet her energy level and enthusiasm is contagious.

A close friend shared with me that she is inspired by my mum’s example. I am too! And you bet, she will be a role model that I will cite to encourage my older clients that life can still be meaningful and enjoyable regardless of the age.