Stevie Awards 2019 in New York

When I arrived in New York on Monday, I knew two things:

1. I am thankful for being amongst some of the best women entrepreneurs from around the world.

2. I am thankful for embarking on the journey of lifelong learning.

In the span of 3 years, I have been recognized 3 times.

– Best Personal Brand Award
– SkillsFuture Fellowships Award
– Stevie Awards for Women in Business

With each award, I always remind myself this: it isn’t about what I’ve achieved; but how I can inspire others to achieve.

You can get started by being recognized by your peers.

Then work your way up to being recognized nationally.

And then being recognized internationally.

But remember, with greater recognition comes greater responsibility.

So go make a positive impact, dream big, and fly high!

🎉 I am totally excited to be the The Stevie Awards Bronze winner in the Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year category.

🙏 I would like to thank my loved ones, mentors, clients and strategic partners for being a part of this awesome journey!

Delighted to be able to mention about beautiful Singapore in my acceptance speech. Look forward to journeying with even more SG companies too.