Are Your Employees Your Fans and Ambassadors?

Ms Grace Chai, Bynd Artisan Holland Village


I would like to relate an experience I just had as a customer. 

Ms Grace Chai from Bynd Artisan is one employee every business owner wants to have on their teams.

I had time today and called the Holland Village outlet. Grace patiently answered my queries regarding a product that I intend to buy. So off I went to the store. She warmly showed me the products and recommended options. Then as a craft artist, she skillfully and patiently added the foil stamping onto the cover I purchased.

Grace wasn’t a pushy sales person. Instead she just patiently shared about their products. Above all, she was certainly a brand ambassador. When I mentioned I would like to take a photo of her for my post, she asked me if her company’s logo can be seen so she can publicize the company. How wonderful is that?

So love the products and service, I ended up purchasing a wallet and cap from #gentlebones x #byndartisan capsule collection.

Sales people can learn a thing or two from her.

Not only did I became a customer, I became a fan. I uploaded photos onto my social media platforms, featured Grace on my Positivity at Work FB page and certainly will be sharing with others about Bynd Artisan.

Business leaders can think about how to create a culture where their teams are proud to be a brand ambassador. Grace is her company’s fan and brand ambassador. Her enthusiasm about her company and her pride in her work in turn is highly persuasive and happily contagious.

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