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Kaleidoscope Series I

Together with Candid Creation Publishing, we are delighted to present the Kaleidoscope Series – a Published Authors Series which features the richness of different perspectives and lens from diverse speakers.

Join us for the first session at the upcoming SkillsFuture Festival 2018. In this session, the speakers will share on tested-and-proven methodologies you need to extend your influence and multiply your worth to give you the boost you are looking for either in your career or in your business.

Free Admission. Refreshments & Networking.
Thursday 12 July 2018 at Lifelong Learning Institute

Registration Link: Kaleidoscope Series 

Upcoming Talks at the Lifelong Learning Festival


As believers and promoters of #lifelonglearning and #personaldevelopment, we are so excited to be part of the upcoming Lifelong Learning Festival!

The Lifelong Learning Festival on the weekend of 12/13 November is a celebration of lifelong learning through a series of exciting learning activities including free talks and workshops on personal enrichment, health & wellness and work skills.

Dream Catalyst will be offering the following talks over the 2 days: 
 What’s Your X-Factor?
 Walking on Sunshine
 The Movie of Your Life
 The Greek Physician Hippocrates and the Art of Understanding Others