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Team Agility for Success


Back at MediaCorp, this time to facilitate a talk on Team Agility for Success.

Am not a fan of boring lecture style talks so we design talks that are facilitative with lots of interactive opportunities. Because talks can be meaningful conversation pieces to effect change.

During the one and half hours session, colleagues from different departments of MediaCorp interacted with each other and experienced team agility in process. Ideas and insights were shared, harnessing the power of collective wisdom.

That’s lunch time well spent indeed.



If you are looking for interactive talks for your organisation, drop us a note at enquiries@thedreamcatalyst.com for a chat.

Learning Can Be Fun!

photo7CXBBL8IA common feedback given by participants at my workshops, motivational talks or coaching sessions is that they never expected the sessions to be this fun!

I started training, teaching and mentoring since I was 18 years old. And right from my very first session, I strove to make it enjoyable regardless of how ‘dry’ the topic might be or who the audience might be. Students, educators, parents, professionals, bankers, home makers… it does not make a difference.

This probably stem from the fact that as a student, I often fell asleep during lessons. Auditory learning is my least preferred choice and coupled with the hot stuffy classroom (we did not have air conditioned rooms back then) plus non interactive mode of teaching, falling asleep was the most natural result. And what naturally transpired next is a chalk smacking into my face. Yup, the age of non whyteboards.

So when I became a ‘teacher’/ trainer, I decided that I will:

happy teams

  • make my sessions enjoyable and relevant for the participants
  • incorporate useful learnings and activities; no silly exercises or activities
  • respect the participants’ time so no fillers activities just to waste time
  • use a blend of methods so that all learning preferences is included





One of the great things about starting my own practice is that I can decide the direction of Dream Catalyst and the projects that I am involved with. So I can be choosy about who I work with. As such, it gives me immense delight to work with organisations both non profit and businesses that serve to make a difference in the lives of others. These organisations genuinely incorporate training programme as part of its mission to better the lives of their members or employees. Increased productivity and efficiency is the bonus of happy team members.

Yup, learning can be fun! Why not? 🙂

Walking on Sunshine

dnata1 Did you know? The American Institute for Stress estimates that up to 90 percent of visits to the doctor are for stress-related problems.

dnata2 Stress is a growing health problem for many working professionals today, and without strategies to keep it in check, stress can in turn cause chronic illnesses and unnecessary downtime and unproductivity for employees.



Progressive companies today are focusing on preventive care services to improve productivity by managing employees’ emotional, mental and physical well-being.




Recently conducted a stress management workshop for dnata Singapore as part of their Global world Safety Day. The management wanted a wellness workshop to benefit their employees.



Clearly stress management is a popular topic as the talk attracted a large turnout. Participants shared that the talk was fun, enjoyable and very informative.


Having the tools to manage stress is essential for our well-being. That’s why I absolutely enjoy conducting this workshop for companies as it is a way to enable people to enjoy optimal well-being. It is also a way for companies to care for their employees’ well-being.