Positive Attitude, Positive Day



People often ask me if I’m always so cheery and positive. My reply: I’m human and of course some moments are less fluffy. But with strategies and tools, I’m able to better manage my emotions and mindset.

For example, our response to an external stimuli (eg others’ behaviour or actions, an event or life’s circumstances) will determine the eventual (and not that moment) outcomes.

bruiseOn Thursday the 13th, the day started off on an awesome note with a comfy ride in a maxi cab to my client at the wholesale market. While walking to the office, I tripped and fell on the uneven floor. Felt a tad embarrassed in front of witnesses and also had bruised knee.

Decided I needed to manage my response as I’ve a long day ahead. I picked myself up, laughed and thanked the kind uncle who enquired if I’m alright, choose to feel grateful that it was only a bruised knee and that my dress didn’t burst at the seams.  Cleaned myself up at the client’s office and went about the rest of the day in positive spirits.

Ended that evening on an awesome note at Ladybossasia panel discussion.

If I’ve had gone “aiyoh, so unlucky”, my mood would have been affected. And I might have chosen to skip the networking evening and miss out on the delightful company.

Because I laughed at the incident and choose to feel grateful, this ensured that I had an awesome rest of day.

The same applies for stimuli that creates greater impact. Choosing to focus on what could be changed or done will help us to achieve a positive eventual outcome.