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SkillsFuture Fellowships Award 2018

As an advocate for lifelong learning, it was a delight receiving Singapore’s highest skills award – the SkillsFuture Fellowships Award last evening. Presented by the President of the Republic of Singapore, the award honour individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent. 

It was awesome meeting fellow awardees and hearing their inspiring stories. Love the many engaging conversations about growth and development. Here is the list of fellow awardees:

During the dinner, I took the advice of Nike “Just Do It” and bravely made my way to present my book Fly Free to our President. I never imagined that I will have this opportunity to gift a copy of my book to our President. 


Thanks SkillsFuture SG for the wonderful evening and congratulations once again to all recipients! Continue to inspire. Also special thanks to my publisher and friend Phoon Kok Hwa for supporting the nomination.

Indeed, with a learning mindset, all dreams are possible.



MIS Best Personal Brand Award for Business Culture

When I first started Dream Catalyst 8 years ago, the naysayers were plentiful. #grateful to these naysayers for they helped me see with greater clarity my “why” of forging my path. #grateful to the small group of champions whose encouragement and support provided the impetus to always move forward.

I coined the term Dream Catalyst around 15 years when I was going through a painful period. I told myself I will continue to believe in possibilities of dreams and also to continue being a catalyst to help others actualise their brighter better bigger dreams too. It was my mission statement.

Receiving the inaugural Best Personal Brand Award 2017 by the Marketing Institute of Singapore inspires me to continue believing and evolving to be the best version of myself each day. The award is presented to individuals in honoring them for their highest visibility on social media and leading to positive impact to their business.

It was awesome being at the MIS Glittering Awards Night on Monday 4 December; catching up with friends and fellow winners of the award and meeting new friends.

Most important, I love how everyone cheered for each others’ success. ln the true spirit of abundant mindset, growth mindset and synergy!

Grateful to have the opportunity to partner awesome clients who allow us to value create.

Looking forward to continue journeying with progressive business leaders and teams to intentionally design a business culture blueprint for success and which allows their teams to thrive.